Nantume Successfully Introduces Her Man, Here is What You Missed!

Mityana town spent most of Thursday partying, thanks to singer Maureen Nantume’s introduction.

It started Wednesday with a ‘Kasiki’, which was held at club Ambiance Mityana.


They left the club in the wee hours of the night and headed to Enro Hotel, from where they proceeded for a prayer.

The real party took place at Nantume parent’s home in Bukanaga, where Maureen introduced her boyfriend, Ronald Muganzi.


The colourful ceremony went on uninterrupted as it was earlier feared.

They had feared that either a woman, claiming to be Muganzi’s wife or a man from Jinja, who claimed to be in a relationship with Nantume would interrupt the function.

Nantume's Fiancee

Meanwhile, Nantume is already pregnant for Muganzi.

Nantume is the second member of Golden Productions to wed this year.



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