Wild animals leaving gazetted areas! Who’s responsible?

In a wake of Life

I remember the very first day I visited Queen Elizabeth National park, the joy I felt watching Hippos at Kazinga channel, the impalas, buffaloes and elephants but seeing a lion was more special. I felt it! And not even seeing one a year later at Entebbe wildlife conservation center could match the shivers and electrifying moments I had seeing a lion fighting a leopard live in queen Elizabeth national park.

However this was not the first time I was visiting the national park as the first came in 2000 when I was ten years old. I remember the anticipation when my dad told me I was going to Lake Mburo National park. There I fell in love with zebras, and antelopes though the animal that everyone made fun of and liked was a warthog. Since then I have been a candid admirer of wild animals especially Lions and elephants. Next…

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