Janet Museveni quits politics

By Augustine A.

The First Lady and Ruhaama County MP, Ms Janet Kataaha Museveni, has explained why she has decided to retire from politics and rejected passionate calls for her to stay and seek a third term in 2016.

She told her political assistants, confidants and elders on Wednesday that she will not stand for re-election in 2016 because she has accomplished her duties.


Saturday Monitor has established that Ms Museveni first disclosed her retirement from politics to her close confidants at her home in Irenga village, Kikoni parish, Ntungamo Sub-county on Wednesday morning.

She later announced publicly at a meeting with LC3 chairpersons, NRM party chairpersons, elders and opinion leaders from Ruhaama County on Thursday.

Sources who attended the meeting at her home said the First Lady rejected impassioned pleas by some of the leaders urging her to stay on in politics.

The sources said Ms Museveni stood her ground and told them she would not reverse her decision.

“I made a decision before I invited you here; I knew you would say this and that, but I am not coming to stand again. I know you still like me, but I do not reverse my decisions because you have said I should do,” a source quoted Ms Museveni as telling the meeting.

Refuses to name successor
Some leaders asked her to name her successor but she rejected this request too. She told them she wanted to leave that decision to the people of Ruhaama to make.

“I can’t come here to tell you who to elect. If I do that, people will say ‘this is the person she left us!’ But I believe the one chosen will be the representative for Ruhaama that you would have chosen,” Ms Museveni is quoted to have said.

Janet speaking
Janet speaking

However, she agreed to a call by Ruhaama Sub-county chairman, Mr Tom Rwomushana, to have another meeting to discuss qualities of a person to succeed her and that the successor would keep in touch with her for greater benefit of the constituents.

“I thanked her for leading well and not leaving like some other leaders (who are forced out); leaving when you still have a strong reputation,” Mr Rwomushana told Saturday Monitor after the meeting.

The sources said Ms Museveni told the meeting that she would send out a press statement and announce on radio her departure from politics.